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The traditional style of the nexus line of skates is designed for those players in need of a wider high volume skate.

Currently the highest volume skate available on the market.

The new N2900 skates are made to give you high level of performance out of your stride.


These beautiful new HIGH-performance level skates are a step up from the N2700 model for 2018.  They come with a 3-d injected core made of fiber composite. This gives the boot a design created to conform perfectly with your foot with a higher amount of stiffness and rigidity for a more advanced player.  The structure of the boot is made stiffer along with the fiber composite tpu out-sole allowing the player to have an even more powerful stride. This boot is designed for a stronger player between an intermediate and advanced level since there is a higher level of rigidity and stiffness overall in this boot.

Simiar to the previous models of Nexus skates it is designed with a deeper heel and wider forefront keeping with the idea of high volume for those players with wider feet.  

The main changes are from the previous line of Nexus skates to the new are remarkable.  They really enhanced the look and feel of these skates with a beautiful brand new designed along the side of the boot which are much more vibrant than the previous Nexus Line.  Along with that they have changed the lace colour and feel from a brittle black lace to a much stiffer and higher quality white lace right out of the box.

Exactly the same as the Nexus N7000 the N2900 model has the most popular skate holder the tuuk lightspeed edge which allows you to replace blades quickly and easily with the simple quick release trigger.  The runners tare a step up from the n2700 with the ls1 tuuk runners which offer a longer lifespan and stronger steel.

The main factor and reason why you would want to choose the n2900 over the n2700 us the stiffness and upgrades to the boot.  If you are looking for a superior amount of rigidity and stiffness and have a powerful stride this is the skate for you. If you are still in the beginner level it would be advised to stick with the n2700 model which will help you develop your stride and eventually allow you to up into the n2900 later on.

On the inside of the skate we have a new blue microfiber liner built with memory foam ankle pads for comfot and protection.  The microfiber on the inside is a nice touch designed to keep you dry and wick away any moisture and bacteria keeping you both safe and dry.  

the skate is built with a black two piece 40 oz  tongue designed with just enough stiffness, comfort and protection all in mind.  There are medium density foams with an injected plastic insert in the lace bite guard designed to protect you from anything you may face on the ice including pucks and slashes.  This a great addition to Bauer skates since lace bite was also an issue on older models skates but not so much anymore. The foot bed is a form fit grip which allows for increased stability in the heel area.  This really allows the player to keep their stability much better and allows for maximum comfort overall.

Manufacturer warranty included from Bauer

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