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Stadium Sports is pleased to announce a new addition to our hockey stick family, the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Grip Hockey Stick .

This is currently the best best Bauer Supreme stick to date with many improvements made since the previous model.  

Still deigned to give the player the hardest possible shot with extended transfer technology built in it offers more power.  The 2S Pro is made to react to the player's hand positioning.  Included is the Advanced Carbon Layering designed to increase durability so your new 2S Pro stick gives you a lifetime of goals.

In the blade we have renew core technology similar to the old model the blade when it cracks a gel bleeds out and fills in those cracks to give you a much longer lasting stick.  

New DuraFlex resin has been added to the stick to prevent damage to the shaft allowing the player to bend further into the stick.

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro is a true one-piece stick made with monocomp technology tath removes the concept of needing extra materials to fuse the blade and shaft of the stick - giving you a much lighter stick with a high level of durability.  

The 2S Pro sticks with its traditional black and yellow design along the shaft with griptac included.

This stick is the weapon of choice for those players who like to load up and take huge slapshots.  Built with maximum Power technology to give you those hard shots you are looking for in your stick.

Continuing to take hard shots just got a bit better with this incredible slightly even lighter stick than its predecessor.  

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro from Stadium Sports includes the standard 30-day Bauer Warranty.

Currently available as a special order for our customers so please allow approximately a week to process and ship.

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