Bauer Supreme S180 Grip Junior Hockey Stick - '17 Model

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Bauer Supreme S180 Grip Junior Hockey Stick 

2017 Model

Don't feel like reading?  No problem, Watch our review video down below

Today we will be looking at the mid level stick in the Bauer Supreme line the S180.

Looking at the shaft of the S180 we have that signature box style shape.  That means you can expect a slight concave on the side walls with very square corners and edges giving you a nice secure feeling your hands especially with that griptac finish.  

Despite being a two piece stick there is 3k carbon for the very first time in the Bauer Supreme line.  This 3k carbon is actually 10% stronger than the basket weave carbon used in the S160 and the S170.  It also works together with the R2 resin system to give you a really durable stick.  

The blade of the stick also got some pretty big upgrades to the previous Supreme sticks.  Here we have the aero foam 1 blade core which is a mix of high density foams which gives this stick the most dampened blade out of the entire Supreme lineup.  Reducing the bounciness of the puck on the stick and help increase your accuracy when making those hard shots and passes.  

The S180 also has the 3k carbon wrap around the blade for that added strength and durability as well as Bauer exclusive PureShot profile.  This extra little bit of material connecting the blade and the shaft will help keep the blade from twisting and opening up giving you a lot more accuracy and reliability .

And last but definitely not least, the defining feature of the Bauer Supreme Line the MPK.  Or the Maximum Power Kick.  This high kick point is designed to maximize your energy transfer into the lower third of the stick so that you can get your hardest shots possible.  

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