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Let's look at another stick in the Vapor line the X700 Lite.  Just like the other sticks in Vapor line the X700 Lite also uses Bauer's Micro Feel 2 shaft.  That means you can expect a slight concave on the sidewalls with nice rounded egdes.  Perfect for those players who don't like the stick feeling too square or boxy.  

The X700 Lite is also lined with a griptac finish for a little added comfort and of course to help keep the stick in your hand.  

When it comes tok the construction of the stick it is a fused two-piece, however the shaft is made with a uni direction carbon composite.  This uni carbon is basket woven throughout the entire shaft.  And combined with Bauer's resin system the X700 Lite is an impressively durable stick.  

With the X700 Lite Bauer decided to break out their QRT technology for the first time in the Vapor line.   The QRT is a quick release taper that is aggressively designed to flex low and give you an extremely fast release.  Perfect for those players that don't like to lean into their shots but lke to generate most of their power from their wrists.  And to top everything off the blade of the X700 Lite is designed with Bauer's true shot profile and the aero foam 1 blade core.  It's also the first in the vapor line to use Bauer's MaxBalance as well as the bi max 3K carbon wrap to make a really strong blade.  

All these features come together to make an insanely durable and accurate stick.  If you are the type of player who likes to take fast and accurate wrist shots but you don't really want to break the bank with something like the 1x lite, well the X700 Lite is a fantastic stick at a fair price.  

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