Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Griptac Junior Hockey Stick

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Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Griptac Intermediate Hockey Stick

don't feel like reading?  Scroll down to the video below.

Lets take a look at the Bauer X900 Lite Hockey Stick.  

First let's go over the body of the stick.  The Vapor X900 Lite features the signature micro feel 2 shaft.  Just like the 1x Lite, the X900 Lite has rounded edges and a slight concave on the side walls.  This makes it very comfortable to hold especially with that griptac finish.  The X900 Lite is also designed with that low kick flex profile that Vapor users know and love.  The low flex point is key for those player's who love to take  hard but quick shots with extremely fast release.  

But ti isn't the low flex point that makes it all happen, the taper is designed with QRT technology.  This helps keep the energy in the lower part of the shaft, which improves recoil and prevents the blade from opening up when taking those hard shots.  

Despite being a composite two-piece stick the X900 Lite has 3K carbon through out the entire shaft.  Not only is it 20% lighter than traditional fiber used in other sticks, it's also made with R3 resin for added ability and performance.  

And last but not least lets talk about the blade of the X900 Lite.  First off it's designed with the pure shot profile, which gives it extra durability and increased accuracy.  It's also made with Bauer exclusive MaxBlade and Bimax technology and 3k carbon wrap.  

But what does all that technology mumbo jumbo mean?

To put it simply the blade has interlocking edges strategically placed and reinforced to improve balance and reduce the overall weight.  And the best part is the X900 Lite is able to do all this and still clock in at 5 grams lighter than the previous X900 stick.  

All in all, if you are looking to get the puck off your stick as quickly as possible, but still get a lot of power behind your shots, the Bauer X900 Lite is a FANTASTIC stick at an affordable price.  

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