CCM Ribcor Trigger2 PMT Grip Junior Hockey Stick

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CCM is setting the bar for innovation with the Ribcor Trigger line of hockey sticks. The Trigger2 PMT is a fused one piece with rounded corners and straight side walls, and the slick grip coating looks fantastic and feels great in the hands. The construction features top of the line Sigmatex carbon fiber that's more lighter and durable than the previous Ribcor sticks, and offers a slightly more dampened feel. The Ascent 3 Blade has a gradual stiffness that increases from heel to toe to give you a softer heel for more control as you're dangling and cradling the puck, and a hard stiff toe area for quick releases and snaps. This new and improved blade is also reinforced around the edges for extra durability. The most important and innovative feature of the Ribcor Trigger2 is the PMT, or Pop Matrix Technology. The PMT design creates a smoother transition from shaft to taper allowing you to maximize your energy transfer when loading up and flexing the stick, and the low kick point makes getting off quick shots and passes easy.  The concave PMT taper and softened upper handle lets players to use it like a lever to get that big crossbow flex or snap off quick shots. If you're looking for a stick with all around top tier performance, get the CCM Ribcor Trigger2 PMT!


Geometry - fused one piece with rounded corners and straight side walls

Sigmatex Construction - extremely light and durable spread tow carbon fiber

Ascent 3 Blade - soft heel for dangling and stiff toe for shooting

PMT - Pop Matrix Technology for smooth transition from shaft to taper, maximizing loading and energy transfer

Low Kick - makes quick shots and passes easy

Softened Upper Handle - maximum flex for those big shots

Grip Coating - feels comfortable and secure in your hands

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