CCM Super Tacks AS1 Senior Goalie Skates

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The CCM Tacks line of goalie skates is one of the most popular choices of Advanced and Elite hockey players today, and the Super Tacks AS1 Skates are leading the packFully equipped with a dual zone 360 one piece boot to get that snug full wrap around fit, and the flexible upper portion combined with the stiff lower portion makes them super comfortable. The lightweight and rigid core is heat moldable so you can get that perfect custom fit, and just like the player skates, CCM has ditched the outsole to make the skates lighter and maximize on energy transfer. Inside the boot is a plethora of features and technology to keep you comfortable and keep your Super Tacks AS1 Skates in great condition. The TotalDri Pro Liner works to wick moisture away and keep you dry, and the inside of the skates are equipped with DuraZone Abrasion Patches to protect them in the areas where your shin pads overlap. The D3 Comfort footbed is an insole specifically designed for Goalies and the movements they typical make throughout a game. The asymmetrical Flex Stance collar of the boot also helps to keep your feet and ankles in a comfortable position while flexing low to the ice, and helps you get back up quicker. The TriTech Flex tongue is made with a thick 7mm felt with reinforced layers for maximum protection against lace bite.  Last but not least, the Super Tacks AS1 Goalie Skates are equipped with the ProLite Lo Curve Holders and ProLite G Black Runners. The Lo-Curve Holders are highly reinforced in the toe and blade areas, and are extra light with a low rim Attack Angle design for those quick goalie movements. The ProLite G Black Runners are high performance blades with long lasting edges so you can use your skates for years to come.

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