Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Griptac Senior Hockey Stick

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Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Griptac Intermediate Hockey Stick

too much info and hate reading?  Watch the Full video below

Let's take a look at one of the lightest hockey sticks in the game.  First things first the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite is a true one piece stick.  The sides have a very slight concave to them with rounded edges and combined with the griptac finish it makes the 1X Lite very comfortable to hold.

The question on everyone's mind:  What makes the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite so light?

It's still a carbon stick, however the 1x lite used Advanced Carbon layering technology.  The fibers in the ACL system are made 13% lighter than the previous 1x making this stick clock in at just under 400 grams.  And because the carbon fiber layers were so thin they were able to add more layers to the blade of the stick at optimized angles, which will increase performance and durability.  Not only does the Advanced Carbon Layering make the 1x lite stronger and lighter than the previous 1x, it also adds an 11% improvement in taper recoil.

A lot of players felt the blade opening up in the previous 1x when they were taking big shots and hard passes.  So that's why Bauer went with the QRT+ technology on the 1X Lite intermediate stick.  It still has the thin taper and low-kick point that Vapor users like, but the QRT+ adds extra layers of reinforced fibers that adds 20% more blade stability and more accuracy overall.  

The shaft is also made with Bauer exclusive textreme technology which is 205 lighter than 3k carbon used on previous Vapor sticks and it also handles stress 30% better as well.  

Last but not least the blade of the stick has its own power house of technologies within itself.  There is TexTreme carbon wrap, the elastic carbon based resin, and the aerosense 2 blade core.  All of this tech works together to make a really sturdy blade that's great at preventing micro fractures and extending the life of your stick.

Overall, the 1X Lite is designed to be very lightweight, responsive and durable.  It's a melting pot of impressive technologies that combine perfectly to deliver a reliable shaft and blade that that are impressively strong and surprisingly light.  


Too much info to read watch the video below that we made:

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