TRUE XCORE XC9 ACF Matte Grip Junior Hockey Stick - 30 Flex

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SHAFT GEOMETRY: Square Corners with Double Concave side walls

KICK POINT / FLEX PROFILE: Mid Kick with SmartFlex technology


HEIGHT: 50 inches

WEIGHT: 325g

This line of TRUE sticks is specifically designed for precision shooters who love a mid flex profile. The ACF stands for Accuracy, Control, and Feel. The XCORE XC9 is made to maximize your shot velocity while maintaining puck control.

This 100% carbon fiber one piece stick is made with TRUE's patented Axenic Technology using a high pressure molding process. The XCORE XC9 also uses SmartPly which is a laminate made up of 25 inner layers of unidirectional 3K carbon fiber that controls torsional stiffness. The top of the shaft has increased flex to add more leverage to your wrist shots, a signature of TRUE's Smartflex design, and the shaft progressively gets stiffer as you move down towards the blade. 

Speaking of the blade, it features TRUE's patented XCORE compressible urethane core insert. This helps increase spin on the puck which reduces fluttering shots and increases accuracy. The XCORE also has a dampened feel to it to give you more control when puck handling and passing, with a perfectly shaped blade to cradle the puck. The blade also features TRUE's Braided Rib Technology. These seamless braided tubes on the center and bottom of the blade act as a dual bridge support for the XCORE, increasing the durability and consistency of the blade.

TRUE has also added UFLEX to the Junior sticks to support the varying weights and heights of young players. The XC9 ACF Junior comes in 20, 30, 40, and 50 flex. For a sizing chart click  and Scroll Down to find the chart.

Matte Grip finish does a fantastic job of keeping the stick comfortable in your gloves and increasing the overall Accuracy, Control, and Feel. Whether you're an elite player or just in house league, the TRUE XCORE XC9 ACF is an amazing stick for precision shots.

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