Warrior Alpha QX Grip Junior Hockey Stick

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SHAFT GEOMETRY: Rounded Corners with Concave side walls

KICK POINT / FLEX PROFILE: Low Kick, Flex point just below the lower hand

GRIP: ProTex

LENGTH: 51 inches

The elite level Warrior Alpha QX is a true one piece with Minimus Carbon 1000, a high strength yet lightweight and responsive carbon composite. The ergonomically shaped shaft sits comfortably and securely in the hands for better dekes, drags, and quick shots. Speaking of quick shots, the Alpha QX is designed with a low kick point that extends from your bottom hand through the lower shaft to the taper. The brand new Saber Taper does a fantastic job of maintaining torsional stiffness when loading up and releasing, controlling recoil and improving accuracy.  The re-engineered sleek shaft easily engages the mid to low flex arc and releases quickly with precision accuracy. Finished with the Warrior ProTex textured corners, and a tacky soft grip finish that comfortably locks your gloves in place for maximum control when stick handling.

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